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At KNO Prime, our vision is to coach couples who have a strong desire to live a life full of passion.  We empower couples to build prosperous relationships by creating fun and interactive couples retreats at luxurious destinations where you can just get away from it all and focus on each other.

Sapere Vedere Couple's Retreat allows you and your lover to go on a 2 1/2 day journey to renew your love and heat up your relationship.  

Professionalism and Experience

Onyx Jones, once a homeless single mother, is an accomplished author, entrepreneur and a trained coach. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and a Master's Degree in Accounting. Onyx has assisted employees, individuals and couples to breakthrough obstacles and be successful for more than twenty years.     

1st Lt. Kevin S. Jones, US Army, Ret., was also homeless for a period of time and a single father. He is now a successful general contractor and a trained coach.  Kevin gained a vast amount of experience in the areas of leadership and coaching while serving in the military. He was also a Certified Army Instructor.       

Kevin and Onyx have both conducted workshops, staff trainings, federal and state compliance seminars and written various manuals.

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Be a part of an amazing experience that will coach you to a more loving and committed relationship.

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