The Unofficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals


The Unofficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals

Is a seven-step guide that mirrors life coaching books and will help you strive for professional, personal, and spiritual success.  Unlike other life coaching websites Onyx & Kevin Jones work as a team and they have one goal: to encourage, motivate and inspire others.  This seven-step guide and their one-on-one coaching is their call to action.

"We wanted to create a personal development guide and an online life coaching program that would inspire people to pursue their passions and actually provide them with steps and exercises that would lead and guide them to success." ~Kevin and Onyx

Professionalism and Experience

Onyx Jones is an accomplished entrepreneur, Finance Director and administrator. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship and a Master's Degree in Accounting.   Over the past 22 years she has assisted companies and cities of various sizes to be successful in their financial operations.

While serving in the United States Army, 1st Lt. Kevin S. Jones (USA Ret) gained a vast amount of experience in the areas of leadership, engineering and construction. 

Together they have both conducted workshops, staff trainings, federal and state compliance seminars and written various manuals.

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This FREE 21 day journal is a fun way to track your journey to a life filled with more passion. This journal has daily quotes from the "The Unofficial Guide to Achieving Your Goals", which is available for sale on

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